Me and Zelda

Me and Zelda

Hello this is my cat Zelda.
She is 14 pounds of cuddly goodness.
She is also my only friend.


Blank Pages

Blank pages.

We are the blank pages that fill up with coffee spills instead of pen marks.

We are the blank pages that create loneliness instead of creativity.

We are the blank pages to a notebook sitting untouched for years.

We are the blank pages that are torn out.

We are the blank pages that never express a love story.

You are the blank page I will never write about.

And I am the book.

dude, i love my cat and everything. but there is no way i am letting it near my pillow, let alone sleep on it. that thing walks in, on and around it’s poop or pee every time it uses the litter box. so your cute cuddly cat that you let walk around your bed and pillow and paw at your face, probably just got done taking a walk on their shit.

germs bitch, germs.

that shit is disgusting