What makes us human?

Lines, thats all we are, lines in the sand of what makes us human. The skies scream for us to look at it, but we are too blinded by the thirst for money, power and beauty. I don’t remember the last time i got a good nights sleep, sleep is just the absence of you. consciously closing my eyes and knowing you are not there makes sleeping non existent, almost like you. gone. gone before the day turns bright and gone long enough to make sure it stays dark forever. you’re the kind that leaves imprints on peoples lives, changes them, makes them grow into another supreme being of their former self. but why can’t i change? this devil defines who i am and these devils will end up killing me. let go of the past they say, and then what? look towards the narrowing and less promising future that no longer flashes in my direction. have we gone mad here? has the whole world forgotten sanity, forgotten the very place we set our foot when we walk defines so much in such a small detail. and those small details are what make us human.


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