Life Changing Moments

Starting a few hours ago, I got dumped. For the second time, just under different circumstances which right now are unimportant, but what is important is the fact that all these preconceptions of what love really is, it’s all bullshit. And we’re going to spend the rest of our small, pathetic lives looking for something that isn’t actually going to live to its full potential. And that scares me a little bit. I want a fairytale, someone to sweep me off my feet and carry me away to this fairy tale land where fairy tale things happen and we all live happily ever after. That’s probably asking for too much, but since when do I ever get anything I want so give me a dream that comes true for once. I want a guy to stand outside my window in the rain; asking me to be his girlfriend. Or a guy to just on a whim, ask me out on a date and just takes me to the worst place ever but it’s great because neither of us have been there but we love each others company. Okay picture this, I’m at school, sitting on the patio outside when someone says, “hey” from across the way and walks over to me, keeping eye contact and sits across from me and strikes up a conversation. But guys don’t have that confidence anymore, and I sure as hell don’t. 

come on, just look up and say something for christs sake.

These are some moments I wouldn’t dream of forgetting. 

But will always dream of having.


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