I am a professional writer for a music magazine located in Los Angeles called The Deli.

Here is a link to the page.

I cover a whole list of artists and bands in the Los Angeles area but I’m trying to broaden my horizon of musicians. 

So if you are a single artist or a member of a band who wants to get their name out there then please, allow me to help. I am starting a new blog dedicated to music, it will be filled with reviews of new music, musicians and albums at the top of the billboards and the bottom. Plus writing reviews and promoting local and not so local bands. 

Not only this though, I do have connections to band managers and other promoting companies if I believe you have a real shot of getting their attention.

Unfortunetly I can’t do this for free because I am trying to make this website bigger than anything I have before, so if you do want me to promote you I will be charging an initial write up fee of $10 per article.

Send me a message and we can talk, I can give you my number and we can get your band noticed together.



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