Photo on 7-20-13 at 11.12 PM #5

Hey anybody reading,

I’m Kayla and I’m a 20 year old student studying creative writing. This is sort of my first blog ever and fuck I don’t know what to write. I feel diseased right now, I have the chills and Im nauseous and my chest wants to cave yet I’m still awake, I’m still hanging out with friends and god dammint I’m writing here, to no one.


Yeah, so this is me and I’m sort of a mess with myself and my thought so bare with me.

I write for a music magazine, and I’m an intern/assistant with a fashion designer. I like scary movies and campfires on the beach. I can’t keep my thoughts to myself, my brain runs at all hours of the night taking away my ability to sleep most nights, and usually I will just write in my journals but now I found this so welcome, welcome to black parade inside my mind.


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